Refer Friends, Family and Groups Earn $$$ and Travel FREE

Celebrate being a part of Music History by inviting your friends, families and group to sail away on the Pacific with you. It’s perfect for special occasions, car clubs, dance groups, birthdays or any celebrated life event. You can earn cash and even travel for FREE

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Invite your friends, clubs, family and host special celebrations to sail with us and receive special BONUSES. To us, you are Royalty and we will pay you for your referrals. This plan also is for people of influence who offer our cruise, and in return receive special benefits for booking cabins. Benefits of the Royalty Club can include: cash, free cruises, preferred cabin locations and priority seating for groups.

Royalty Club Benefits

  1. Book 1-7 cabins and receive our $25/$25 referral benefit. You receive $25 for each cabin and the guest receives $25 off their cabin (or you can request to receive the $50 for yourself).
  2. Book 8 Cabins: Get 1 person FREE in a cabin ($774 value).
  3. Book 15 cabins: Get a cabin FREE and group seating to all events ($1,548 value).
  4. Groups of 25 cabins or more can have a free meeting area and special group seating to all events.


Having loyal guests returning to sail with us is our true pride and joy. You are our cruise Ambassadors and we love to have you onboard. This is our way of saying THANK YOU and giving you something special on your cruise. As you know, your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we can’t wait to see you next time!

Ambassadors Club Benefits

  1. On your 3rd cruise – (1st Mate’s Club) Cabin receives Free T-Shirt and VIP seating to all events
  2. On your 4th Cruise – (Captains Club) Cabin receives Front of the Line Access and FREE T-Shirts
  3. On your 5th Cruise – (Admirals Club) Cabin receives Front of Line Access FOR LIFE, free T-Shirts, reserved table and free Bucket of Beer at Papas & Beers

Refer a friend -HOW IT WORKS

  1. OPTION 1: Using Promo Code “REF25”: Have your friends and family use Promo Code “REF25” and ENTER YOUR NAME in the referral box during checkout. This will give you and your guests $25 off both your cabins.
  2. OPTION 2: Create your Promo Code (recommended) – If you would like to offer our events to your Special Occasions or groups simple Create your Promo Code. Fill in the boxes below, give us your preferred Promo Code and then tell your groups to use it at checkout. When someone uses your Promo Code you will receive an email letting you know you just received credit.

All the benefits and discount from the ROYALTY CLUB will be applied to you.

Create your own Discount Code

You will receive an email with your Promo Code and instructions for using it. Simply give your group or friends this code to use when booking. We will send you and the guests a confirmation email with the reservation information,
Please call us 888-638-8880 with any questions, we are here to help!


If you would like a flyer to share with friends, family, groups and clubs please fill in your information below.

The Fine Print

  1. Any cabins booked during our pre-sale periods are not eligible for the referral program.
  2. Referrals are not retroactive, thus cannot be added after the reservation has been made. The person referring must be included a initial time of booking
  3. The program ends 60 days prior to sailing.
  4. All guests in the referred cabin must be new to this concert cruisevent in order to be eligible for the discounts.*
  5. Referrals apply to full cabins only; they do not apply to individual guests within a cabin.
  6. Referral onboard credit will be reconciled 2 weeks prior to sailing and will appear on the referrer’s confirmation. Please contact Latin Cruise Events PRIOR to sailing if your referral does not appear on your confirmation
  7. *If the new cabin adds an alumnus to the cabin at a later date then the new cabin will not get Period between the discount The referred cabin will no longer be eligible for the discount and the referrer will no longer receive onboard credit.

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